Should I go For a Small or Large Screen for my Car GPS?

GPS system has been an integral part of your car system. So, GPS screens are things of consideration when you are looking for a better choice. Mainly, such GPS screens in car come into 2 different sizes.

The first size is around 3.5 inches which is diagonal and has greater facilities. Similarly, the next device screen for GPS is about 4.3 inches. As it has extra screen, it is user friendly and make easy access to other kind of facilities. It provides clear visibility and provides efficient touchscreen control system too and significantly much better than other.

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As market is getting competitive day by day and people are expecting for effective performances makers are concentrating for larger screens. This kind of manufacturing has been very common and has wide applications. At past, screen with five inch was supposed to be produced very rarely. But these days, all kind of large manufacturers have many models that illustrate bigger screens and variability’s. It has been observed that manufacturer like Magellan has introduced 7seven inch screens with accompanying photo.
Question may be raised about the choice of right screen. Though, there are various 3.5-inch (screen size) models of GPS, but experts do not recommend it mostly. It has been observed that 4.3-inched models are suggested which are quite cheaper and have better performance as well. In the present scenario, 4.3 inches screen are supposed to be appreciated by large number of users. It also provides extra kind of real estate that makes screen look very nice. Another crucial factor that users keep in consideration is resolution of screen.

Experiments have been performed using glass capacitive too. Other touch screen models have features like clearer and sharper images with particular screen formats that make it even better. But in case, you require GPS unit which are portable, then you have to look for smaller one as bigger can be difficult to carry and handle. If screen is larger than about four inches, then users find it quite difficult to handle. So, it is all your demand and requirement that determines size of your GPS system in car.

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So, the next thing is about knowing the real difference between resolution of screen and size of is clear that screens having good resolutions provide better reading platforms rather than that possessing poor resolutions. Though some provide larger screens, but it is not always necessary that they will provide users with proper resolution screens. So, you have to choose carefully and choice is in your hand whether you need quality or quantity. You can try a model and experiment for certain time to get such information.

Therefore, you need to pay attention and observe carefully before you are buying the device online. Some may have trouble for reading tiny prints. So, in this case it is very wise to choose larger screens. Many keep eyes on big screen devices and market is well equipped with all kind of screens that are available. There are other notable features beside screens and sizes. You can make best of it by wisely choosing them.

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Buying a SatNav – Here’s Our Thinking

Buying a SatNav - Here's Our ThinkingSatNav machine – or app? UK-only or UK and Europe? Regardless of what your needs, we are here to help you uncover the best Sat Nav’s on the market right now, which you should buy and which you should avoid.

Until recently satnavs had a reputation for leading car owners around the bend and in the wrong direction that they wanted to go in.  Still as technology has improved alongside better overall performance this meant that now when you entered the exact location, you’re going to get directions, an estimated time for your arrival and all the data you need if ever things change your mind when you’re on your way. Quite a few units will also show you where the nearest car park after you arrive or maybe the closest fuel station if you want it.

Two SatNav Devices

Unless the car is already fitted with an integrated unit you will probably choose between two possibilities, either a free standing device, which could be positioned on a windscreen or control panel, or an app downloaded onto your personal cellular phone.

Maps Often Means Money

By and large the more you choose, the higher the cost. If all your driving is done in the united kingdom and/or the Republic of Ireland, then a normal model will definitely do the job. Having said that you can also buy satnavs that cover italy or further afield.

Display Length and width

Road safety is fundamental and you don’t want to be scrunching your eyes to view the road plan, and so it’s good to look into the screen size and then confirm you are comfortable with it. Most GPS Units range between 4 and 7 inches.

Some Sat Nav Units will also supply you with additional map views, such as 3D as if you are looking on the streets ahead of you, or a 2D birds-eye view. Even if you will likely buy your unit through the web, it is a really good idea to try these units out in the shop first.

Various devices offer a camera alarm, warning you when recognised cameras are ahead. All these machines often show the speed limit of the road, together with your current speed. Do check your model as to whether or not it has Sat Nav updates at no cost.

On higher-end devices traffic updates will be an option, warning you of problems on the highway ahead, either modifying your arrival time accordingly or even providing you an alternate route.

The SatNav Units

All these models are recommended by the RAC. Price ranges are varible and will depend upon the place where you purchase it however Amazon is a good choice

Encouraged by RAC is theTomTom via 135 M, which also includes the UK, Republic of Ireland and Western Europe. It offers free of charge map updates for the life span of the unit, “Speak & Go” which allows you to control your system with your voice and hands-free calling.

The 2nd favored unit is the 5-inch Garmin Nuvi 3597LMT, with full The european countries lifespan maps and traffic, speed camera signs and hands-free calls. It also directs by letting you real landmarks, for example “turn left after the cathedral”. Although well rated, it has a considerable price tag.


Cell phone software applications have matured and are sometimes as feature-rich as the free-standing units and the processing speed of nearly all smartphones these days will be as effective as the gps devices as a consequence route calculations and re-calculations are fast. Even so often the display is usually not large enough to see the maps on especially any time a difficulty junction approaches and if you receive an inbound phone call the gps switches to cellular phone mode, which may be distracting.

Downloading maps will use up much of your cellular data allocation if you’re unable to do so via a Wi-Fi connection prior to deciding to set off. Its suggests that if you want to use a satnav app you might want to make sure that you have a good display size and also make sure the app has voice directions.

Safety is vital and so your cellular must be fixed securely in an easily seen location in the vehicle, possibly in a holder and even dimmed at night to avoid any glare on the windscreen.

2 Possibilities

Waze is a community powered free of charge App for Android and IOS that enables you to share driver-useful data with other users on the road. It is easy to actively report accidents, hazards and road alerts, and it even informs you where the petrol stations are en-route, typically with up to date cost of fuel. For a totally free app it’s superb, although it lags your journey a lot more when compared to a satnav.

TomTom United Kingdom & Ireland is for Android and IOS and is rated by both RAC. You can select addresses from your contacts and the app will start to plan your route. The app can be utilised in offline mode allowing you to download the maps on a Wireless wi-fi network and avoid burning up your data allotment. Also it contains cost free road-map updates.

CoPilot Live Premium UK & Ireland for IOS and Android. It offers you as much as 3 alternate routes for each and every journey and you can select between 2D and 3D views. You also have a zero cost Active Traffic option for a year that calculates the easiest route around traffic jams, giving you an estimated time of arrival.

How To Find A Job If You Have No Experience?

How To Find A Job If You Have No Experience?One of the common problems with the young people looking forward to apply for a job face is the “no experience” issue. When you don’t have any experience, how are you going to get a job? Recruiters out there are looking for people who are well knowledgeable about their work. They need competitive workforce and hence the inexperienced people have to suffer big time. That does not mean you cannot find any job. Here are some tips that can let you find a job even if you don’t have any experience.

  • While you will search for the jobs on the internet, you will find many perfect jobs according to your field of study. While applying for each one, it your responsibility to think why this job might be good for you. Don’t compare yourself in terms of experience but use your qualification and qualities to judge whether you are good for the job or not. There might be some specific things that you would be good at and they can become your unique selling point to become the perfect candidate for that job.
  • It is ok if you don’t have the exact skills mentioned in the job’s advertisement. People get hired even if they have limited matching skills. However you must not apply for the job that asks for 10 years of experience in the field. That will be totally out of your league. Go for the jobs that ask for 3 to 5 years of experience if you actually have an experience of 1 to 2 years. If you are able to write a great cover letter and use your unique selling points to impress the recruiters, they are going to hire you my friend.
  • When you do not have any experience, your cover letter is going to speak for you. It’s going to be the key to convince a manager to call you for the interview. You need to be true when writing the letter. Don’t make it a summary of your resume. You need to make it much stronger. It must tell that you are truly excited about the opportunity and you have what it takes to do the particular job.  You can also watch Finance Documentaries to help.
  • If you don’t have experience to get through the hiring process, it is not going to be something that you can change in single night. So why not grab what’s in your control? You must start by highlighting your soft skills like abilities of responsiveness, professionalism or friendliness. It can make counter act your weakness of lack of experience.
  • You can even highlight your non-obvious experience. You can use your education background and participation in extra circular activities to grab an opportunity. Just know how you must demonstrate your skills and you will see opportunities.  You can also read books such as Stock Market Books to Help with your interviews

While searching for a job, don’t just sit. If you didn’t gain any experience, it is never too late to start a part time job to cover up the gap. You can go for internships, part time jobs, or any kind of volunteering work for the time being to get a bit of competitive.


Should I buy a Brand Named GPS Unit?

Best GPS for Car Garmin 52LM Best Car GPSPurchasing a GPS Unit can be a valuable addition for your car. But when you are deciding which one would be the best to go for then this can be a tough thing to decide. You might probably think it is best to go for the branded ones. Even there are such brands that are highly popular but they are not able to meet up our expectations.

When it comes to buying a Car GPS Unit, you need something that you can call reliable and efficient. If you will purchase a refurbished GPS Unit, it might not guarantee you accuracy so don’t compromise over quality by letting go a few dollars.

It is always beneficial to buy a brand named GPS Unit. If you can find a company that specially makes GPS Units for cars, then it’s the best and the most trustworthy option. On the other hand, if you are not sure of a unit or in other words the brand isn’t that common or significant, you cannot get surety about anything. You won’t be able to find any help in case the GPS unit gets damaged or does not work because there won’t be guides or manuals available. Even if you will take the GPS Unit to some professional they might not be able to fix it up just because of the fact that there are no parts available or they aren’t familiar with how it works.

So it’s buying brand name GPS Unit is the best option but the tough question is that whether it’s going to be brand like Garmin or brand like TomTom? Well, if it’s a trusted brand that is providing the navigation products then you must get happy because they will be providing top class products. If we talk about these two brands particularly then you must know this that Garmin is the one that is leading in its sale. The two companies are providing GPS Units that are almost familiar in features, setting, prices and the routing accuracy. But still it can be tough to decide which one is the best. You can always make a comparison of the features.

Here are some reasons that explain why you should always find yourself a great Garmin GPS Unit for your Car.

  • Quality

The first and the foremost benefit of purchasing a brand name GPS system is its quality. You will know you are going to get the best one at the best price.

  • Loaded With Features

The GPS Unit will come loaded with features and they will of course be according to the latest innovative capabilities. You will know you are using the current technological features so you will have reliability at hand.

  • Flexibility

The branded GPS Units are always flexible to use. They follow simple and easy to use technology that can be handled and understood by all kind of users.

Therefore it is always best to use the brand name GPS Units. Although they are going to be expensive but in the end money is going to be worth it


What are the Different Types of Strollers?

able parents companyGenerally speaking there are six types of strollers on the market today that you need to be aware of before you decide to go out and buy a new stroller.  Its important to remember that you may need to buy more than one stroller to survive the process of bringing up kids.


Standard – Generally these are traditional strollers and are typically the most common type of stroller that you will find in any shop or online.  They offer great storage, nice seats and larger, more maneuverable wheels which can work on all terrain.  They are light-weight and can easily be collapsed to fit in the back of your car.  Some the high end stroller come with both a car seat adapter and a fully flat bed which your infant can lie on.

Car Seat Stroller – These are not very common in today’s market, however can be worth there weight in gold as they are light, really light and have a seat that can fit straight in the back on your car meaning they take a very short time to completely load or unload your child.


These types of strollers are great for travel as they are extremely light weight and great for using on all surfaces.  Typically they will only weigh around 10 pounds and come with massive wheels which make them extremely maneuverable, however typically in order to achieve this lightness they will have cut some corners.  There likely will be no storage, no cup holders  and no baby seat meaning that your infant will not be able to use these types of strollers until they are at least one years old.


This type of stroller has been designed to be used whilst you’re running behind and therefore come with large air-filled tired that are easy to push of any surface and good shock absorbers to ensure that they role smooth and straight therefore reducing the impact of any bumps or pot holes on your child.  Typically they can be quite heaving and are not as easy to collapse and assemble as a standard stroller.

Double OR Triple

A double stroller is a stroller than you can carry two children at once in and will either be fitted in a side-by-side or tandem orientation.  For a triple, usually this will combine both a side-by-side and tandem orientation into one stroller meaning that if you have twins you can carry both twins in your stroller seated side-by-side and your older child behind.  Luckily these types of stroller, even for the triple are both lightweight and easily collapsible meaning that you can easily transport your double stroller in the back of your car.

Travel Strollers

Technically these types of stroller are very closely related to the lightweight stroller above, however they usually will combine a few packages into one meaning that you would get a car seat and a stroller in a single package.  While this may seem an attractive way to go, our advice is that you do not as this type of stroller will try to combine many different strollers into one and therefore will be both heavier and have less performance than a regular car seat and separate stroller.

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How to Get To Your Next Job Interview

How to Get To Your Next Job Interview with Help From a Car GPSGetting to your next job interview on time is very important for the success of your interview.  If you’re late, basically the job interview has finished before its started.  Being late for a job interview simply means that you are organised or worse still, are not really taking the interview seriously and actually do not really care.

My advice, get yourself a proper RV GPS.  Yes you can use your telephone, but they have one small problem which often happens when you least expect it.  The battery runs out, it runs out of credit or worse still, does not work due to a satellite problem.  All of these problems mean that you’re likely to be late for you next interview and waste all your job interview preparation time.

You can get a really good Car GPS for under $100 that will give you all the information you need.  If your feeling flush with cash, then you can get an even better car GPS for under $200.

Remember your job interview preparation is key and with out it your unlikely to pass your next interview.

Accountancy Jobs

3 Main Types of Accounting Jobs You Need to Know About

If you are one of those people whose favorite subject is to love solving problems, love dealing with numbers, working as an accountant will suit you just fine. Because accounting jobs are always available, you can find jobs in a number of places such as accounting firms, major corporations, health care, and even law enforcement. Accountants are secure of obtaining one the three major categories of accounting jobs.


Quick Summary of the 3 Main Types of Accounting Jobs

  1. Some accountants work for one of the four major accounting firms known as the “Big 4” which include PWC, KPMG, Deloitte, and EY. These big accounting firms can be found in several cities all over the United States, and they engage thousands of accountants.
  2.  Other accountants work for local, smaller accounting companies’ such as CPA’s where they deal with local clients.
  3. Other accountants who are on the lookout for entry-level positions in accounting companies may accept jobs in the accounting section of a company, where they manage all account issues such as all incoming and outgoing cash, taxes, and several other financial transactions.

The Big Four

Accountants who are fortunate to get employed in one of the Four Big accounting firms are viewed to have reached the Zenith of their career. While several accountants prefer working with these big accounting firms for several years, other more ambitious accountants use such companies as stepping stones to starting their private accounting firms or even pick up political appointments or become financial consultants.

Big Four job openings are quite sought-after and extremely competitive, but they are often associated with high pressures and expectations. (You can get more information on accounting job descriptions here). Most of the jobs in these big accounting firms involve carrying out complex auditing duties and tax evaluations, working with large organizations, and several other tasks that require working long hours and having a very keen sense of detail and responsibility.

Salaries at these big accounting outfits are very high, with startup annual salaries as high as $60,000. With about five years of working experience, management positions are possible for accountants with their pay package nearing $110,000 per annum. Accountants who are lucky enough to become partners of these big accounting firms can earn over $1,500,000 per annum which justifies the pressure, long hours and efforts the job requires.


Small to Medium Size Local Accounting Firms, CPA Offices, and Tax Firms

Due to the very high competition in the Big Four accounting firms, most accountants go for local, and smaller accounting companies where there is less competition. Such jobs are abundant all over the United States and can be secured more easily without much competition.

Most tasks carried out by accountants in these jobs involve taking care of taxes, audits, and financial management for both large and small companies and businesses. Salaries are quite encouraging in these firms too, totalling well over $50, 000 per annum, with a much higher pay package for accountants who have either just acquired their CPA designation or are already employed by CPA firms.

While these jobs require less pressure, there are also less opportunities to advance your career. On rare occasions, there are partnership opportunities, but such opportunities may not be available till you have invested several years in the job. For accountants who desire stable jobs, and experience(to boost your CV) with constant work and little pressure, working for one of these accounting firms is a very good choice. You must prepare yourself for carrying out some Excel work!

The Accounting Department of a Company

Apart from working for one of the Big Four accounting firms, or local accounts companies, most accountants prefer to pick up accounting jobs within the accounting departments of a company. Positions in this field vary from accounting officers and bookkeepers to CPA’s and managerial accountants, depending on the accountant’s educational qualifications.

Most high school and college graduates begin their careers as accountants from entry-level positions in order to gather experience while pursuing more advanced academic qualifications and jobs with greater responsibilities. Accountants who occupy such entry-level positions are responsible for calculating company payroll, filing proper taxes for the company, entering the company’s accounts and finances into their systems, balancing of accounts, and several other accounting tasks.

These accounting jobs are readily available without too much competition, but most times, they come with low pay packages depending on who is hiring. Most of these jobs start at $30,000 per annum, and others are part-time jobs and pay less. For any accountant who wishes to rise to the Zenith of the accounting profession, they only work on these jobs for a short period of time till they get better paying jobs with more benefits and advancement opportunities, or till they can be promoted to higher positions in the company.

There are opportunities for you to advance to higher positions within these firms to managers of accounting departments and heads of accounting that partake in taking major decisions with other company executives and heads of other departments. Once you are able to get promoted, your salary will not remain low for a long time.

Now that you have all the information you need about these jobs, go out and grab one of them!

No matter the accounting area you are interested in pursuing, there are several job opportunities that are available to help you gain active experience while fine-tuning your accounting skills and prowess. From little towns to very large cities, job opportunities are always available for educated accountants who are good when it comes to handling figures accurately, and have good business brains.

The moment a company discovers they can trust and rely on a particular accountant, they won’t like to let such accountant go for years. By building strong relationships with the executives of the company where you work, as an accountant you can be sure of enjoying an ever advancing career and a recurrent annual income.

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